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Trademark Searches

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Before you file a trademark application, it is often recommended that some type of search is conducted in order to determine whether your trademark has a chance to be granted. Although you may have already conducted your own trademark search, we recommend that you seek professional service from an experienced trademark attorney, who can also provide you with a Trademark Search Report and Legal Opinion that may be used later as proof of due diligence (i.e., you have done your best to find all similar trademarks).

The Iwashko Law Firm provides a comprehensive Trademark Search Report and Legal Opinion that considers the following:

  • Search of pending and registered Federal Trademarks.
  • Search of pending and registered State Trademarks from all 50 States.
  • Search of active Trademarks from Common Law sources including:
    • 30,000+ trusted news, business and financial sources around the world.
    • Business records with more than 12 million U.S. entries from all 50 States.
  • Yellow Page listings of approximately 16 million businesses in the U.S.
  • Internet domain name search of the popular extensions, including .com, .org., and .net
  • Analytical search of phonetically similar mark names by using search queries including: wildcards, root words, multi-character substitutions, word segments and permutations, character replacement truncation variations, pseudo marks, and more.
  • Detailed Legal Opinion explaining the chances you have of receiving a grant of your proposed Trademark.

If you would like more information on our Trademark Searches, please call us at 1-866-PATENTS, or simply click on the following button, fill out our short form, and we will call you back.

What are some of the Trademark-related services that The Iwashko Law Firm provides?

  • Providing advice for clients regarding their potential trademark portfolios
  • Performing Trademark and Service Mark Searches (including word marks, slogans, and logos) that include Federal, State, and Common Law Search Results
  • Drafting Trademark and Service Mark Use Opinions based on Search Results
  • Consulting with Clients to help amend their Trademark ideas
  • Prosecuting Trademarks before the USPTO, and conducting Trademark Examiner Interviews to expedite allowance
  • Representing Clients in Opposition and/or Cancellation Proceedings
  • Review of Product Literature/Labeling and Websites for proper Trademark Usage
  • Representing Clients in Internet Domain Name and Trademark Use Disputes
  • Providing Trademark Infringement and Licensing Opinions
  • Facilitating the Trademark Licensing Process