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About The Iwashko Law Firm

The Iwashko Law Firm was founded on October 2, 2015 by Lev Ivan Gabriel Iwashko. Mr. Iwashko’s vision was to create a high-quality law firm that specializes in intellectual property matters, while also providing legal services in other practice areas (i.e., civil litigation, criminal defense, immigration, etc.). As a result, since 2015, the Iwashko Law Firm has drafted over 800 patent applications, filed over 400 trademark applications, won hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensatory awards for our clients, and experienced a myriad of other successful legal outcomes.

Mr. Iwashko's father, George

Mr. Iwashko's father, George

Our law firm logo (which was designed by Mr. Iwashko’s father, George) depicts a sword with its blade facing downward, and as a result, successfully embodies the spirit and mission of the Iwashko Law Firm. Specifically, our attorneys are trained to provide formidable protection of our clients’ interests, while also acting as diligent advocates on behalf of our clients to secure the best possible outcomes in their respective cases.

Therefore, whether you need a patent attorney with electrical engineering experience, are seeking help with a obtaining a green card, require representation in a DUI case, or need advice regarding a lawsuit, The Iwashko Law Firm is ready to provide you with competent and diligent legal service!