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Before you file a patent application, it is often recommended that some type of search is conducted in order to determine whether your idea/invention is patentable. Although you may have already conducted your own patent search, we recommend that you seek professional service from an experienced and licensed patent attorney, who can also provide you with a Legal Opinion that may be used later as proof of due diligence (i.e., you have done your best to find all relevant prior art).

The Iwashko Law Firm provides three levels of patent searches, all of which include professional Legal Opinions, as described below:

  • Level 1 – Patentability/Novelty Search – This search is recommended when you know the exact specifications of your proposed product/idea, and would like to know whether there is any prior art in existence that may possibly be used against you in a Novelty Rejection by a Patent Examiner at the USPTO. The Patentability/Novelty Search is our simplest search, as it uncovers patents, publications, and non-patent literature that may be used alone to reject your claimed invention.
  • Level 2 – State-of-the-Art Search – This search is recommended when you have an idea of what kind of invention you would like to create or what kind of problem you would like to solve but are not exactly sure what form your final product should take. Our State-of-the-Art Search is our most comprehensive search and can include hundreds of products, patents, and publications that exist all over the world. This search provides a very thorough view of similar inventions that have been created in the past, which will help you narrow down exactly how you can make your idea become a reality (without infringing on someone else’s work).
  • Level 3 – Infringement/Freedom-to-Operate Search – This search is recommended when you know exactly you’re your product/idea will be, have already drafted proposed claims for your patent application and would like to begin production without infringing on another inventor’s patent. The Infringement/Freedom-to-Operate search is our most complex and analytical search, as it involves analyzing actual claims of patented inventions, in order to determine whether our client’s claims would infringe on other patents. Please note that The Iwashko Law Firm can help you draft claims directed to your invention prior to conducting this particular type of search.

If you would like more information on our patent searches, please call us at 1-866-PATENTS, or simply click on the following button, fill out our short form, and we will call you back.